Python highlighter not available on WSC 5.2.2

  • Hello,

    I use WSC on my website which is linked in signature, and have found out recently after upgrading from version 4 to 5, Python syntax highlighter is removed in this version.

    You may see my last post and older ones:

    Please check the above link.

    I see that article ID 19 was written with Python syntax, but I cannot do that for new articles, or even when I want to edit the last ones, I do not see this option. PHP, Perl, etc syntax are available fine.

    I have localized WSC for my self and nothing is changed since the last upgrade.

    Could you please help me if it is possible to gain it again?

    In fact the only reason I chose WSC was for its Python built-in syntax highlighter. I used WP, JM, DP and many others but the most suitable one for me is the current one.

    Thanks in advance

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    The new highlighter supports a huge amount of different languages, including Python. Please adjust the option Selectable Syntax Highlighters in your admin panel to include the highlighters that you want.

  • Thanks Alexander Ebert I re-configured it again and now it works fine :), but do you have any ideas about the reason it changed? If the upgrade is the cause, then should I re-check all other options?

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    The previous versions used (somewhat) legacy highlighters that were custom built, while we now use JavaScript based highlighter library that supports this huge amount of languages. At this point we have also changed the default set of highlighters.

  • Thanks a lot.

    I see no more thanks or vote up buttons here. Anyhow, the thread could be closed if needed. I marked it as resolved.