Embedding SPREAKER.COM podcast

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.1

    I have read through several of the threads here but still can't make sense of where to start in figuring out the regular expression and the html code to add so that I can get my podcast in Spreaker.com working.

    Can someone point me in the right direction to get started? THANKS!

    PS: I see that the embedded player that Spreaker produces has code that looks like this, but when I paste this as code into a forum post, I get nothing but the "listen to .... on Spreaker" part that shows up:

    <a class="spreaker-player" href="https://www.spreaker.com/user/cassiusamicus/lucretius-today-podcast-episode-04" data-resource="episode_id=22497261" data-theme="light" data-autoplay="false" data-playlist="false" data-cover="https://d3wo5wojvuv7l.cloudfront.net/images.spreaker.com/original/1c70d94ef23ffe2b9d43e97621717d53.jpg" data-width="100%" data-height="400px">Listen to "Episode 04 - Recap of Opening Sections Of Book One" on Spreaker.</a><script async src="https://widget.spreaker.com/widgets.js"></script>
  • For anyone else this might help, I have had some success with:

    Regular Expression: https?://(?:www\.)?spreaker.com/episode/(?<ID>[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)/?

    HTML Code: <div class="videoContainer"><iframe src="https://widget.spreaker.com/player?episode_id={$ID}&theme=light&playlist=false&playlist-continuous=false&autoplay=false&live-autoplay=false&chapters-image=true&episode_image_position=left&hide-logo=false&hide-likes=false&hide-comments=false&hide-sharing=false&hide-download=true" width="100%" height="150px" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    however I am getting a player that seems too "tall" and has lots of white space. But at least I am making progress