New article section

  • Hi Staffs and Friends,

    How can I create a new article page other than the default article page?

    I also want to open a new category box in it.

    regardless of the default category box.

    I want to share different video articles from the default articles section. For this reason, it should be in a separate section.


  • You need to create different categories in the acp then post the articles in the different categories.

    What do you mean by new category box?

    It will create complexity as you say. What I said is pretty simple. I want to open a new article section and a standalone category box on ACP and the page.

  • If i dont understand you wrong do this

    admin cp/content /Articles/categories/add category and add new category there for example (Test category)

    then from admin cp go to Articles/add Articles/ in first box select that new category that you added (Test category) and create your Articles