How to allow comments for non-registered users in WSC 3.11

  • Hello,

    I use WSC 3.1.11 in my website and today I have found out that only registered users can drop comments in my articles.

    How can I allow non-registered users to drop them?

    I have granted the access to 'Guest' and 'Everyone' to drop comments but they still are not able to to do that.

    Would you please help me how can I do that?

  • Hello,

    Thanks a lot. I was not aware of this option. The option is now disabled and it works fine.

    But I have figured out some problems when creating comments for guests:

    • it asks for a username to enter, while it is actually a name only to display
    • the username field in comments only accepts Latin characters, and I was not able to enter a name like 'سعید' for the comment owner name