Filbase 5.2.1 BUG (update)

  • Hi

    try to update from 3.1.11 (forum, gallery and filbase) update runs Ok until it gets to filebase, then I get this error:?:

    ps I do not have a calendar installed on this forum:!:

  • I've had a similar error. I had to uninstall two apps to realize my upgrade.

    But in your case it seems that you had a installation of calendar in the past. Perhaps uninstalled, but not completely. If there are any rest data of the calendar app on webspace or more in the database or in cache then it could be the reason for failing upgrades.

    Perhaps you can try to eliminate the rest of the old installations.

  • wcf\data\application\Application::getDirectory('calendar')

    I wrote it, because your error message mentioned "calendar". So there is a hint to something with calendar, whatever it is.

    Think Woltlab will get more out of the error message as I do.