White boxes appear on the top menu

  • hello, we've taken site backups and switched to the latest version.

    It was available until February, to pay for the new version, it was going to block itself

    so we don't have a budget because we are a nonprofit community and no sponsor. therefore, we have deleted and installed the backups..

    When we set up backups, white boxes appear on the top menu. We have set up backups 2 times the problem did not disappear

    How may we solve this problem?

    thanks too much


  • Hello,

    The backup was not restored properly, some parts of the new version are still there. These white boxes are actually buttons that are missing some styles. Maybe this is just an issue with outdated caches, you can try to reset the cache via Maintenance > Cache.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • i've deleted all hiddent files too, then restored backup

    i've reset the cache too.. still same issue

    if i add "http://update.woltlab.com/2019/" and update, will site be working after february?

    we won't be able to pay to update

    we use cluoudflare free.. maybe need some time.. to reset cache... it show cloudflare cache..

    thanks too much for your help