RC1 usability

  • I do active backups of my site structure and database every day.

    When 5.2 RC1 comes out (I know it is not recommended), can I upgrade to 5.2 RC1? And test it that way before you release the polished product?

    I want to see how everything changes or improves based on the settings and features I already have.

    I have been putting off testing 5.2 because I do not want to do a new install.

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    You can upgrade to 5.2.0 RC 1, as soon as it is available, at your own discretion. While we will guarantee an update path to the final version, we cannot guarantee that this verion is completely stable nor that there aren't any issue that could cause data corruption. I highly recommend to keep at least one working backup of the state before performing the upgrade, in case any sort of issue occurs while using the RC versions.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Yeah, I just remember you let us do this on the last version and it worked well.

    I will have a full-working backup of the previous version. Thanks!