How to remove confirmation link in the email ?

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.1


    Would you please help mention that how can I remove the confirmation LINK from the emails which is sent after the registration and just keep the activation code?

    Thank you

  • Dear Ramiru,

    Thank you for your reply. Since I am not using the plain text then I believe the solution for me was a little different.

    I should have edited this template: email_registerNeedActivation .

    All the best.


  • SoftCreatR ,

    It decreases the SPAM registrations drastically. There are many fake email providers such as mailinator which makes it really easy for smapers to register on the site.

  • Such a great idea!

    I am living in Austria so I speak Deutsch but my forum is International, does it have any front-end phrases that I would need to translate?

    An the other thing is recently in one of my forums (unfortunately powered by Vanilla Forums) there are man spammers from China/Vietnam who are using random gmail addresses. I got crazy to the point which I am manually approve the new users. I believe removing the confirmation link would also help in addition to your plugin.

    Apple has switched uses a similar tactic.

  • Both plugins are fully translated. Didn't it display an English product description?

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  • StopForumSpam is in English but Dead-Letter is in Deutsch.

    Thanks a lot for the recommendations and also for developing these plugins for WBB. :):thumbup:

  • I have used Vanilla forums a couple of years back. And I had to close the board for similar reasons. Too much spam. I only thought they improved. But the case is entirely different with Burning Board.

    Smile , it's good for health