Calendar Recurring Events Exceptions

  • Hi guys,

    I want to set up a recurring event for every Sunday except the second Sunday of the month. Is this possible?

    If not...

    To work around the problem I tried setting up multiple monthly recurring events with the same name, e.g.:

    First Sunday of the Month

    3rd Sunday of the Month

    4th Sunday of the Month

    Last Sunday of the Month

    The problem here is that, while it works perfectly when there are 5 Sundays in the month, when there are 4 Sundays in the month I get two events:

    4th Sunday of the Month

    Last Sunday of the Month

    So there appear to be 2 logical solutions, either:

    Where there are 4 Sundays in the month do not include "Last Sunday of the Month" (or keep Last Sunday but exclude 4th Sunday)


    Create a recurring event for the 5th Sunday in the month

    Neither of these two options appear to exist. Are either of these possible?



  • Thanks for the reply.

    Any chance of one of the solutions appearing on the development roadmap?

    Adding an option for a 5th day in the month would seem (to my untrained eye) to be fairly simple and would solve the problem.

  • I can imagine this being implemented somewhere in the future. The 5.2 release is somewhat around the corner, so we can target 5.3 at earliest, especially considering the enormous complexity of the calculation behind the event date repetition. May I ask you to submit your idea at WoltLab Suite Calendar?