Menu Permission

  • It would be good to see permissions for the menus as I would like to add a menu that is only accessable by a certain usergroup.

    Well don't think the menu link you add gets shown to those that don't have permission to view the page it links to. While menu items you add extra don't have group permission, the page you created it links towards does use group permissions and pretty sure if you set that page so guests can't access it, then it also removes the menu link from view for them as well.

  • Nothing you can do about it with menu items added as external links. They only get hidden when you create a custom page and use the menu link with it, then can set permissions on the page to hide both the page and the menu link from certain usergroups.

    Not much you can do about that with menu items added as external links.

  • Marcel Werk

    Added the Label Won’t be implemented