Patch Day 2019-08-31

  • Since updating my site today with this patch. Now it appears when adding article categories, plus adding some as sub article category sections. Not all the article categories you added are showing up in the list of categories to pick from when creating a new article.

    I added two top level categories, and two sub level categories to one of the top level cats. If you want to test it out like so below

    Cat 1

    sub cat 1

    sub cat 2

    Cat 2

    For some odd reason when I have that second top level cat 2, it stops the sub cat 2 from showing up when adding an article. But if delete that cat 2 top level one and retry again adding an article, then both sub categories are displayed to pick from. But also seem to notice that the main cat 1 is not displayed to pick when adding an article and only offers the two sub cats to choose. But pretty sure before that you could pick either the main Cat 1 and the two sub cats to put an article in

  • Another thing I have notced as well, not sure if it was doing it before this patch though.

    When you have a Trophy award given auto based on post count, that was given to you for reaching that post count. Then lets say you delete a large topic you posted in a lot that reduces your post count back down below the required post count needed to have got that trophy. I notice the trophy is not taken away from you, even though you now have a lesser post than that trophy award requires to be given out. I even tried rebuilding all the data options and running a few cron jobs to see if that trophy was rejected back away from me and it wasn't