Disable/Delete the Blue registration box on the right of the page

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.1

    I want to disable the Blue backed registration box that sits at the right of the page.
    The details at the top right of the page are plenty good enough.
    I can't find this in the Boxes section, and in some of the pages in the pages section a few likely looking pages have nothing in then apart from a error message to tell me that I do not have permission to View/Access.
    Despite being signed in a the Admin ?

  • The box is called ”Registration”. You can disable this box by removing all assigned pages.

    Which pages do you try to access while receiving the permission denied error?

  • I do not have a 'Box' called Registration ?

    I have ...

    Recent activities

    Register button

    in that order

    If I view the 'Page' Registration as the Admin, I get this error message ....

    Access denied. You’re not authorized to view this page.

  • Ahh !
    I thought that the register button was the little button at the top right of each page, along with the login and search gizmo.

    I have managed to get rid of it !

    Many thanks !