Adding a Media Provider - BitChute

  • I have looked at the list of Media Providers and would like to add BitChute.

    But where do I get the details required to add this provider ?

    I have looked at BitChute and can't find any hint of what to do.

  • regex: https?://(?:www\.)?<ID>[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)/?

    html: <div class="videoContainer"><iframe src="{$ID}/" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

  • Thank you.

    It works !
    But, I have to add the media tags for this one as it does not do so automatically.

    I have this working with the video link, if I were to use the provided iframe details, where would I place this iframe code ?

  • The screen i postet is from the ACP, you can add your own media providers with the settings i provided and then the links should be detected and converted automatically.

  • Thanks for asking this question because now that the BBC has finally gone SSL, we can post links that show a preview of their articles.

    Before my site went https, I would post links to BBC articles and they would show up as a preview of the article, even if there was no video, which was perfect.

    The dev of Media Provider (I forget his name) removed BBC from the list in later updates,

    Anyway, now that the BBC has gone SSL, I added it back using the code above, replacing BitChute with the BBC url, but all it shows is the featured picture in the article and NOT the preview.

    How do I fix that?

    This is what I put, which may be wrong, as I don't understand the relation of ID numbers in the regex.


    <div class="videoContainer"><iframe src="{$ID}/" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

  • Can you pull BBC Videos on an external site. I didn't think you could as they don't seem to offer any video code for using. Not sure if they still do, but a lot of their videos used to require that you have Flash Players installed to view them, but now with many people removing Flash Player since, not been feasible now for BBC site to rely on people having Flash player installed (many are removing it, as it's no longer being supported last I read) and will become obsolete and a security risk in the near future.

    But I have never seen BBC News offer the option of embedding their videos.

  • They have added HTML5 and say that most of their videos are now compatible with that format.

    You can also embed their videos, where indicated

    The trouble is, when I use a media link from the BBC with the Media Providers plugin, I get a page not found. I think this may have to do with the Media Providers' plugin code needing to be updated, regex etc.

    I have sent a message to The Waiters devs about this on their website.