Blog software

  • I have just installed by Blog on a new server and it went in and updated as it should without any problems.

    My own choice of style is one that I downloaded from the Wolt Plugins page, it has a nice all white clean look, I was able to make various adjustments in the editor but when it came to changing the font and hitting 'Submit' I was redirected to my websites front page. I tried this a number of times with the same result.

    So, I changed the style back to the Wolt default style and tried to change the font on that, same result when I hit submit I get redirected the my websites front page.

    Any ideas ?

  • To me it sounds like a problem with a too greedy security extension/rule by your hoster like mod_security.

    Maybe you can find some logs in your web servers logfile.

    You were 100% correct.
    The host has made the required adjustment.
    Many thanks !

  • Mod Security is a pain and plays havoc with forum software, not just WBB used. I need to ask my host each time I created a new shared account with them to disable Mod_Sec right away before I even install anything on it. I don't see why these hosts even use it for, it causes more issues with running software than it's worth using it.

  • Thanks for that !
    When I contacted my host they sorted it out and said that they had white listed or white boarded something.

    I will see how it goes.

  • White listing things may or may not solve your issues. I've had them do the same with me before, then only later have other issues pop up out the blue that was still Mod_Sec causing it. Best if you can get them to completely disable it on your domain really.

  • I will bear in mind what you say, but for the time being I will take it one step at a time and see what happens.
    Thanks for the info.