Why is ReCaptcha or Q/A nor used on Contact Us form

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.1

    See when you enable Contact Us form that no anti--spam measures are used to validate before the email is sent, no reCaptcha or Q/A used on it.

    Why is that, as it means anyone could auto send emails from the board when Contact Us is enabled.

  • Out of interest as well. Noticed I had the same problem like I did other day with Articles. In that, if you disable the Contact Us (same way I did with Articles) after a clean install when both are activated on by default. It seems when you disable them (after a clean install) for the first time. It's as though it removes the permissions under Admin group for them, then when you activate them on again the group permissions for Admin for Contact Us is disabled.

    I could not access the page to change settings for Contact Us page (access denied), but then looked at admin group permissions and saw it was set to No for admin to change anything with Contact Us page (same way as it was for articles when I couldn't see any articles settings in admin cp). But it only seems to happen after a clean install, when you disable them (for the first time) it removes admin permissions for both. But then after that things stay okay using Enable/Disable afterwards - only seems to happen when you disable/enable either one, Articles/Contact US for the first time after a clean install, admin group permissions are all reset to No for both