Can't see any option to add articles

  • Maybe I'm missing something here as it's been a while since last I used WBB. But under content section I cannot see any option to add articles listed. Pretty sure that content section is where I added them from before and do have article activated as a module for using.

  • NicoleSophie

    Changed the title of the thread from “See see any option to add articles” to “Can't see any option to add articles”.
  • Can you see “articles” in the main menu?

    If you go to content —> menu —> main menu

    (Check that the article box is ticked and confirm changes)

    You should be able to add an article by going in your forum and click on “article” on the top menu

  • No, I don't think MENU has anything to do with it, except to maybe add a new Menu item. I used to add articles on the last WBB site I ran and pretty sure in that right column under Content section there should be a section listed for adding Articles (named articles). But it seems to be missing from that right column.

    Dunno, that is how I remember it from last time, and don't even see any option to add Article categories either. Pretty sure the Articles section in right column should be listed underneath the Media section, with options to add article cats and article entries

  • It does in case since last time you used it you don’t add articles from the ACP no more but you do it directly form the articles page on your forum. Worth a try

  • Nope, there is no option to add articles on the front-end from the article main page. Even if there was, there is still no option to create article categories in the admin cp like I did before. Looks to me like I'm simply missing all the Article options listed under Content section to be able to add articles + article categories. The whole Articles sub section looks like it is not being displayed.

  • Have you checked your user permissions?

    That was it. Seems most permissons for admin was set to No for General, Moderator and Admin permissons for (admin) group with most CMS permission options. Now I can see the article settings to use

  • I did a fresh install yesterday and I have the options for adding articles.

    I disabled the module for Articles at first when installing the site yesterday. So wondering if disabling that Article module changed admin permissions also with it? As it seems odd all admin permissions for CMS under all 3 (General, Moderator, Admin) permissions was all set to No from a clean install and I never changed them to No for Admin with CMS permission settings since yesterday

    I always give admin Yes permissions for everything anyway. So why they was all set to No permission blocking me from seeing any Article settings, I have no idea?

  • For the other person posting in this replying. This is what you should be seeing to add articles in the Content section.

    Just in case you don't see it either, with you saying add articles another way before

    Got it thanks!