What parts of WoltLab make up this Forum

  • Well, so far I am impressed with the look and functionality of this Forum software.

    My next question is this ...........

    Which parts of WoltLab, on top of the 'Core' make up this forum ?

    Many thanks !

  • Hello,

    Pretty much everything that you see in the "Forum" tab belongs to the forum. Other things, such as the admin panel, members list and article system belong to the Core itself. We're offering 5 different apps that all share a common ground, the Core, which enable us to provide a consistent functionality across our products without having to duplicate code all the time.

    You can try out all our apps for free at https://www.woltlab.com/demo/. The demo runs on one of our servers for the duration of 14 days before it is automatically removed, there are no strings attached.

  • I have tried to gain access to this Demo a couple of times. I was able to register for it, but was unable to find the link that took me to it. The link that you provided takes me to the registration page again.

    Am I missing something ?

    Also, when I asked what parts of WaltLab comprise this forum, I meant how many of the WaltLab modules are included on top of the 'Core' module.

  • Hello,

    I've looked into your demo and can't identify any issues, I've sent you a conversation with the details to access your demo.

    Also, when I asked what parts of WaltLab comprise this forum, I meant how many of the WaltLab modules are included on top of the 'Core' module.

    This question proves a bit tricker than it appears, because "module" is a very broad term. Are you looking for particular features or do you want to learn more about the technical implementation?

  • Hello,

    Thank you, I got it!

    The Core is always included because it's the foundation of all of our apps, it's shipped within the installer, so that's nothing you'll need to worry about. The forum consists of the "WoltLab Suite Forum" only, marked as option "2" in your screenshot, the other apps have nothing to do with the forum.

  • The Core is quite complex and provides a lot of features that are either available on their own or are provided as features that need to be implemented by an app. The major features are:

    • The built-in CMS, including the box and menu system.
    • An article system that works similar to a blog software like WordPress. Unlike the WoltLab Suite Blog that focuses on user-generated content, the article system is from the ground up designed to be used by the staff/administrators only, with an optional feature for user submissions.
    • The admin panel and its sophisticated package system are provided by the Core, this also includes the user management system.
    • A lot more features that are available as barebones and require an app to implement them, enabling us to massively share code between apps.

    If you're looking forward to run the Core on its own, the CMS and the article system are the major features to look at.