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  • Hello, I was wondering if anyone has done any work on a proper SW to push notifications to mobile? or Even desktop?

    I had seen MysteryCode mention it back in October, didn't want to bump that post though.

    My Users very much need/want a mobile app. Which I have done, however I need to be able to push, while the app is not open. I have a couple other things on my agenda before I can go all out of this, so I figured I would ask if anyone had a good starting point for me, before hand.


    There's an alpha version compatible to 3.1-5.2. it's accessible to the Beta testers group for which you'd have to apply using the known WSC feature.

    It's running on my site for a few days now.

    At the moment it's not possible to remove notifications automatically after the user "read" it on another device. That's why it's currently alpha.

    Works for me, thats fine about the other device thing for now :). Applied :).

    … and there’s still no integration for iOS devices.

    Right well, thats really not Mysterys fault, or Chris's on his app, that is a Limitation set forth by Apple that I am fully aware of.

    I am very interested to see the approach that Chris is going to take, as he said he is working on IOS for the WSC connect. Apple does not fully support PWAs, and they do not allow PWAs to push period. They didn't allow PWAs at all until late 2017, so they are moving in the right direction, just slowly as apple loves to do.

    IOS support would be nice, everyone needs to band together and tell Apple we want it. I had my users asking about that as well, however i told them I cant make apple support it, and Samsung alone has a larger market share than apple, so it is the smaller affected user pool. Then there is the going full native, which is 100 a year for just the app store. Not worth it for us, personally.

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  • Yes, I noticed that before.

    Forums do the same, and zero notifs push at all, still waiting on another tab on my site for about 15mins, waited on yours for about 7.

    Waited for the full 15, nothing. No desktop notif, no mobile. Unless I need to add something, however your site didn't work either. I documented more on your site :).…877-where-to-report-bugs/