I want the logo to go to different pages depending on membership.

  • I'd like different users to be taken to a different pages when they click on the logo.

    For example... non-member clicks logo, link takes them to landing page

    Standard member clicks logo, link takes them to the forum page (or whatever I choose)

    Paid subscriber clicks logo, link takes them to another page (etc.)

    I've tried messing around with boxes and permissions but it's way too messy for what I want.

    Thanks :)

  • As far as I know, the only way is to edit the pageHeaderLogo template in your ACP in Customization > Templates. There you need to edit line 4 to your needs:

    <a href="{if PAGE_LOGO_LINK_TO_APP_DEFAULT}{link application=$__wcf->getActiveApplication()->getAbbreviation()}{/link}{else}{link}{/link}{/if}">

    You could do it like this (untested):

    Plugins, Designs, Hosting, Support und mehr: KittMedia

  • My PageHeaderLogo template is different to the above (WSC 3.0):

    <div id="pageHeaderLogo" class="pageHeaderLogo">
    {if MODULE_WCF_AD && $__disableAds|empty}{@$__wcf->getAdHandler()->getAds('com.woltlab.wcf.logo')}{/if}
    <a href="{link}{/link}">
    <img src="{$__wcf->getStyleHandler()->getStyle()->getPageLogo()}" alt="" class="pageHeaderLogoLarge" style="{if $__wcf->getStyleHandler()->getStyle()->getVariable('pageLogoWidth')}width: {@$__wcf->getStyleHandler()->getStyle()->getVariable('pageLogoWidth')}px;{/if}{if $__wcf->getStyleHandler()->getStyle()->getVariable('pageLogoHeight')}height: {@$__wcf->getStyleHandler()->getStyle()->getVariable('pageLogoHeight')}px{/if}">
    <img src="{$__wcf->getStyleHandler()->getStyle()->getPageLogoMobile()}" alt="" class="pageHeaderLogoSmall">
    {event name='headerLogo'}
  • Then just take your line 4 and replace the link in my code on line 12 (which is similar to the href in line 4 of the regular template of 3.1) by the link in the href of your line 4.