Paypal IPN Callback help needed

  • Just had an email from Paypal


    "Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). Instant Payment Notifications sent to the following URL(s) are failing:"

    However, I'm using in the actual settings.

    Whichever is correct, it's returning "request not validated" every time.

    Paypal purchases are working, subscription payments are not.

    I have a feeling this is connected to my htaccess and friendly URLS (set up as directed), but may be wrong.

    Can anyone help?

  • These is the latest error log

  • Could be just PayPal being PayPal, their IPN service is a bit unreliable at times. If the link is correct (which, if you receive the aforementioned error message, is correct!), then there's nothing else to do, expect for waiting for PayPal to fix their service's hiccups ;)

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • So the reason that recurring subscriptions aren't entered into the database (one off purchases are fine) could be their issue and not mine?

  • First of all, you should check if there are any errors related to the IPN endpoint that are not triggered by manual visits. If there are none, review the errors at PayPal and see if you can find any indication of what went wrong, e. g. an error code. You can also try to get in touch with them to ask for any sort of assistance, like for an error message or something else to work with.

    Unfortunately, PayPal is basically made up of a few different states of their site that are all still active and clicking between links sometimes warps you back in time. This makes it super frustrating to find any clues whatsoever, because the information you're looking for is sometimes hidden behind seemingly unrelated links. Bonus points for following navigation instructions from other sources, just to find out that PayPal changed their site yet again.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH