Move to new host

  • How can i move my site to a new host. I have downloaded the database and uploaded this to my new host. I have also moved my site, but every time i open it i been directet to my old url.... So what files do i have to edit..????????

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  • So you changed the domain? You should head to the ACP. Either it should discover the domain change and asks you to take action, or log into ACP and change the domain related to your WSC.

  • when i try to log in to ACP i get this message:

    An error has occured

    Internal error code: f447c39ba9927fea7fec60021ae5aeca2b7f2d67

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  • Well, then get the real error message... This is just a hash for the administrator (you) to get the error from the logs.

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  • That's the wrong error... you said you got f447c39ba9927fea7fec60021ae5aeca2b7f2d67 but you posted f5173c2651ce67dd634d5ba5946ba304e0e1c776. Please retry.