Urgent help needed. Website down. Here is the error log last entry.

  • isp is telling me that the database is not down.


    Tue, 30 Oct 2018 22:26:16 +0000

    Message: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1142 INSERT command denied to user 'hidden in this post'@'' for table 'wcf1_easyads_log_banner_views'

    File: /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/system/database/Database.class.php (231)

    PHP version: 5.5.38

    WCF version: 2.1.23 (Typhoon)

    Request URI: /index.php?members-list/


    User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot/2.0; +http://www.bing.com/bingbot.htm)

    Information: "<b>sql type:<\/b> wcf\\system\\database\\MySQLDatabase<br \/><b>sql error:<\/b> INSERT command denied to user 'hidden in this post'@'' for table 'wcf1_easyads_log_banner_views'<br \/><b>sql error number:<\/b> 42000<br \/><b>sql version:<\/b> 5.5.60-0+deb7u1-log<br \/><b>sql query:<\/b> INSERT INTO\twcf1_easyads_log_banner_views\n\t\t\t\t\t(bannerID, time, count)\n\t\t\t\tVALUES\n\t\t\t\t\t(?, ?, ?)\n\t\t\t\tON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE \n\t\t\t\t\tcount = count + ?<br \/>"


    #0 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/data/easyads/banner/BannerEditor.class.php(31): wcf\system\database\Database->prepareStatement('INSERT INTO\twcf...')

    #1 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/system/event/listener/EasyAdsListener.class.php(277): wcf\data\easyads\banner\BannerEditor->updateViewCounter(1)

    #2 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/system/event/EventHandler.class.php(141): wcf\system\event\listener\EasyAdsListener->execute(Object(wcf\page\MembersListPage), 'wcf\\page\\Member...', 'assignVariables')

    #3 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/system/event/EventHandler.class.php(173): wcf\system\event\EventHandler->executeInheritedActions(Object(wcf\page\MembersListPage), 'assignVariables', 'wcf\\page\\Member...', 'assignVariables...', Array)

    #4 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/page/AbstractPage.class.php(127): wcf\system\event\EventHandler->fireAction(Object(wcf\page\MembersListPage), 'assignVariables')

    #5 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/page/MultipleLinkPage.class.php(219): wcf\page\AbstractPage->assignVariables()

    #6 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/page/SortablePage.class.php(90): wcf\page\MultipleLinkPage->assignVariables()

    #7 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/page/MembersListPage.class.php(151): wcf\page\SortablePage->assignVariables()

    #8 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/page/AbstractPage.class.php(276): wcf\page\MembersListPage->assignVariables()

    #9 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/page/AbstractPage.class.php(100): wcf\page\AbstractPage->show()

    #10 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/system/request/Request.class.php(58): wcf\page\AbstractPage->__run()

    #11 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/wcf/lib/system/request/RequestHandler.class.php(139): wcf\system\request\Request->execute()

    #12 /homepages/24/d621337862/htdocs/index.php(10): wcf\system\request\RequestHandler->handle('wbb')

    #13 {main}


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  • rabtech

    Changed the title of the thread from “Website down. need help. here is the error log entry” to “Urgent help needed. Website down. Here is the error log last entry.”.
  • is that why the site is down?

    this site has been working for 2 years flawlessly except for a few times when the database server was offline . At 3:49CST it went down. Every time this has happened in the past it has been the host having an issue with the database server. I usually call in to 1and1 and they tell me they are working on the issue. (Basically they know they have multiple sites down. Today they are telling me its on my end,

  • Quote

    INSERT command denied to user [...]

    This is a permission problem within your database server.

    Your database user does not have permission, to write into this database table.

    Check the permissions of the user and grant im all privileges for the database.

  • Why would this change all of a sudden. I am terrified of making a change to anything. Can you help me wth the place i need to change and i will attempt it.

  • In addition to what Woodmen said: This can sometimes happen if the database is full (exceeded the limit) and the hosting company has revoked write access to the database in question.

    The path looks like its 1&1, therefore I'm 99.9% sure that you database has grown too large. You'll need to either upgrade to a higher tier or free up some space in the database - but be extremely careful, even small mistakes there can cause pretty much everything to go south (I'm not exaggerating here!).

    If you would like to try to clean the database, I suggest that you open it with an administration tool (such as phpMyAdmin) and take a screenshot from the full list of tables and their space usage. This gives us the chance to make educated guesses of where you can potentially free up some space.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • No, without those tables you can't search.

    All searching is done in those tables rather then over the originals.

  • Storage

    -103 of 1024 MB available

    This should not be the cause of the error.

    The remaining space should be sufficient, at least for a couple of days.

    Please check the privileges of the database user.


    Tim Düsterhus Nope, i didn't.

    Thought it was a list. My mistake.

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  • Hi

    This should not be the cause of the error.

    Did you notice the leading minus? I believe he might be way over quota already (possibly a large import before the system was able to revoke the permissions).

  • Yea that is a - symbol in front of the 103.... What can I do to get the site back up . I am desperate to get it online. I will purchase a VPS server as soon as we can get me up and running. That way I can allocate what I want to the Database.

    Right now I'm eating Rolaids like candy till its back up

  • Turning off the store (you mean removing?) will not free up enough space, unfortunately.

    You could truncate(!) the wcf1_post_search_index to free up enough space, but this will break your search.

    Maybe Tim Düsterhus or Alexander Ebert have some other solutions.

    Is there any way you could expand your database quota? (Upgrade to a bigger webspace?)