How to resolve this website crash plugin?

  • Hello,

    I have a little problem with a plugin: clanManager 2

    It crash my website with some parameter and I can't do anything at this time.

    I naturally have ftp access and dbb but that all

    In front I have this message:

    Could somone help me?

    Best regards

  • Please contact the application developer, Marcel Beckers directly on his website:

    Support for third-party packages is generally not provided within the WoltLab support forums. As you are a very new customer, I think you didn't know about that, so let me explain.

    Whenever you buy a plugin in the plugin store, there is in many casses a button to get you right to the website of the developer.

    If there isn't any, you may ask in the comments for the file or write a private conversation to the developer to get assistance.