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  • As a webmaster, will you use an app for your forum if available ? Do you see any benefit in it ?

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  • No, most apps like that cost money to use them. Sites nowadays needs to suit being viewed in mobile browsers and not suited to just certain apps that ain't free for using

  • Every major service is providing apps for their service. Won't there be something in it ? I mean, why they don't make their service browser compatible ? It is easier that way for them.

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  • We've already seen this tried with XenForo a few years back. Slavik, a mod at XF and his idea of selling and then charging a fee to use a custom mobile app with your XF forum. It failed, or he pulled out doing it for whatever reason? But another person took over his idea straight away (seemed odd that, the same dev who'd been working for him) and still the idea failed. Nobody is going to pay these ridiculous expensive prices (and with a subscription fee) also, that they wanted to use their mobile app with a forum.

  • My question remains the same. Why a lot of big brands still stay with the app version of Android and iOS than the web version ? There should be some benefit in it.

    As for paying, a lot of people can afford costly things. It depends on the person.

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  • The way forums are these days, the decline in activity on them in favour of people now using other sites. Why would anyone invest money who runs a forum in an expensive mobile app subscription cost. Only those with big boards making decent money from ads would even think about doing it. It's a waste of time really thinking you can run a money making service like that around forums now.

    And how many people actually make decent money from a forum nowadays with just about everyone using ads blockers today, to even support the cost of having a mobile app subscription used?

  • As for paying, a lot of people can afford costly things. It depends on the person.

    It's not about whether a person can afford it or not. Most people that run a forum want to pay for "extra things" like that from the money they make with ads running a forum, so it's not coming out their own pocket all the time. That is why it's usually only "big board" owners that you see showing interest in having a mobile app subscription.

  • An app for any modern website is a complete waste of space on a smart phone.

    I can't understand why anyone is still using that Tapatalk garbage app in the year 2018.

  • I would use a native app if it would be customizable and if you could easily add multiple forums. Besides this, it would need to have every feature the website version has.

    When the WoltLab Suite would have a REST API and you would only use this there would be a huge benefit in performance because just the real data would have to be loaded. You could do some really cool app with it but I think that would never happen.

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  • Yes absolutely.

    I had the tapatalk app when we were using vbulletin and it really helped to engage members because of push notifications -- the only problem is that the donation / subscription pages weren't available and as such we lost money.

    Make something that supports push notifications and my various addons and I'll do my best to afford it.