Display article category & Page cover image

  • Hello,

    1. How to display article's category on article list or article list box? What variable should I use? Not being a programmer, I tried to study the rest of the code to figure out the variable but it has never worked. {$boxArticle->categoryID} displays the ID. How to display the title?

    2. Is there any way, or are there any plans for future releases to include the ability to set page cover image? This is exactly the same feature articles have.

    I tried just posting an image on the very top but for cover images I have additional styling and I wanted to keep the layout consistent.

    - For HTML pages I can set a CSS class but...

    - For WYSIWYG pages I cannot set any CSS class for media. I tried using :first-child and it works only if parent is set (for example a paragraph). But...

    For some reason, sometimes the WYSIWYG editor puts media in <p> paragraphs tags, sometimes they disappear (as I noticed - probably after rebuild process).

    Do you have any other ideas how to solve this?