[REQUEST] Special plugin development tutorial / course

  • Hi everyone,

    I would like to ask if someone could make a little tutorial to explain on how to create a plugin which can interact with the database, more details below:

    - Create a sample plugin, maybe for example a little plugin with which you can add, show, and manage real estate ads (Show all appartments in a special page in front end, and manage all appartments from the administration).

    - Create a special administration page in the plugin to send datas in the database
    - Create a special administration page in the plugin to retrieve datas in the database
    - Create a special frontend page to show specific plugin datas inserted in the database

    This type of example is interesting because it covers the basic aspects of SCRUD interactions with the database.

    It is just an example, so the goal is to understand and adapt it to other personnal plugins.

    Is someone interested by this? It could be a paid course.

    It's something that could help other people.

    PS : I have already checked the WoltLab dev website, already checked some other plugins to understand etc.. ;)


    Best regards

  • Thank you for your message, I have already tried to follow it, but I think I need someone to explain exactly each step. :)

  • What is not clear to you?

    When you try to follow that tutorial, what is the first thing you can not solve?

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  • Ok, I just checked this page again, and everything seems to be relatively clear, so I'll try again, and I'll come back if I have some difficulties with something :)