Any Photoshop experts here?

  • Are there any Photoshop experts here? I'm wondering if someone can help me fix a problem I'm having with PS using the wrong front? When I try to use Open Sans in PS something else is being shown, I don't know which font it is but it clearly isn't Open Sans.

  • I'm not an expert but:

    If you're using Windows search for fonts - there should be a preview for fonts. Is your font displayed correctly?

    In most cases the OS is MacOS - Idk if there's such a preview, too.

    You probably tried a reinstallation?

  • How do you change the font in PS? You have to mark the whole text and then change the font.

    Is any selected font of the Open Sans Fonts displayed incorrectly?

    I have tried changing it like you have shown and all of the Open Sans font is displayed incorrectly. I don't know which font is being shown but it definitely isn't Open Sans.