Give member access to download paid product without paying

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.1

    Is there any way to give a member access to download a paid product without the member actually paying for it? For example, I listed a product for sale and want to give one particular member the ability to download it without paying. I'm not seeing a way to do it but maybe I've overlooked it. Thanks!

  • You can download the CORE framework that comes with the article system here:

    But you won't be able to download any of the paid apps for use with it for free like the forum. The only time you can download the paid apps is when they offer BETA/RC testing of a new version.

  • I think he is talking about his own Filebaseinstallation and not the one installed on

    I don't have paid files active in my own Filebase, so i am not able to help here...

    Viele Grüsse aus Stuttgart, Kind Regards from Stuttgart

  • Second thoughts, you could do it one way, but would involve having to create a new usergroup and uploading the same file in two different sections added to FileBase and then limit the free section only to people in that custom usergroup to download it free.

  • You are right... BUT if you have multiple files and want to give it some users for free (eg. BetaTesters, Giveaways, etc), it could be a pain to create a section and a usergroup for every file... I would prefer the way to set a file as "paid" for special members - just my 2 cents. But, off course - your way works,too :thumbup: :)

    Viele Grüsse aus Stuttgart, Kind Regards from Stuttgart

  • You might be able to do it actually. If you go into the category you created for PAID files, there is an option to add group permissions. Not sure, but if you created a custom group you can move Mates into and add that group to paid file category with the option ticked to download the paid files.

    No idea if that works (untested). I suspect all that does is either deny or allow a user or group to download paid files, anjd won't make any difference letting them download for free. But try it and see

    Or even try just entering his mates name in there (no group needed to be added) then and see if that works

  • I actually had tried that but it didn't provide a download link, just the buy link still.

    Creating another category just for the member is was my next step but figured I'd post here in case I missed something.