How to moderate first X posts?

  • Yeah, people often forget the "everyone" group.

    I see it often. People have a hard time getting their head around the permission thing, but it's the same with XenForo and phpBB as well because they use an inherit system also with permissions. It's not hard as long as you remember that a No cannot override a Yes with others groups, if the EVERYONE group has the same thing set as YES

  • This is surreal.

    Anyway, I assume I then need to auto assign from everyone to the new group Approved Members as well, with the fulfil criteria as before.

    No, you don't.

    Everyone is literally everyone, but someone who is not registered can not be promoted anyways. While it might be possible to create an automatic assignment, its not needed. As soon as a person registers, he is in the registered users group and can then be assigned to the approved members group.

    Just make sure the "everyone" group does not have any rights you do not want literally everyone to have.

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  • The everyone group was kind of my last port of call, only because I, as Admin am in it. Presumably a NO in everyone doesn't affect admin permissions?

    I'm only asking because an administration warning shows when making changes.

    Like said, a Yes set on other groups can override a No set on EVERYONE group. So it does not matter what is set as No with EVERYONE group, all you need do is set a Yes for that same setting with the Admin or other Members groups to allow it on them.

    You should look at the EVERYONE group as being a group that controls what BOTS can see and do really, and it also having some basic permission controls set for what the Guest group can do also. So you would set some things as Yes with EVERYONE group - such as Can View Members List (if you want Bots to access it). So that is how you have to try and look at that group, keeping in mind it also controls what Bots can see.

  • That finally worked and a test post went to moderation - finally.

    I appreciate the help from both of you and I probably appear a little dim for not grasping the nature of inheritances, but I think we finally made it.

    Many cheers!


    No, its an error that is made quite often. Its un-intuitive for most people at first, but really powerful and cool once you have grasped the concept. Besides, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

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