Users are awaiting your approval link in forum

  • A plugin would be needed for that, but that's quiet an easy task. I'm going to create a plugin this afternoon. :)

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  • Hi jens1o

    Thanks for that great plugin. It is exaclty what I need. It does show that there are users waiting for approval. However when I click on the "1 user" I get an error message.

    Any ideas about the reason for that? Did you upload it to the plugin store?

    What I actually want: Members of user group "Moderators" shall approve new users without using the ACP.


  • Code

    Could you send me the contents of this in a private message?

    Oh man, I wanted to upload this to the Plugin-Store...

  • I don't use WoltLab products anymore, so I don't think I can maintain it any longer (you can also see this from my activity in this forum). However, the license this package is bundled with allows modifications. Please feel free to do so, as long as you meet the licenses' requirements. As far as I'm concerned, just whitelisting 5.2 should be enough to allow it to work.