Dashboard complete disable

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.0

    I have removed the menu links for articles and the dashboard, I also want the default landing page to be the forums. Can someone give me a step by step?


  • ACP -> Content -> Pages -> Search for Foren-Liste (or Board-List) -> Click on it and Mark "Landing Page", then SAVE ... Done (...hopefully ) :)

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  • I have removed the menu links for articles

    I don't think you need disable the menu link for Articles. If you disable the use of articles (itself) in admin cp, then I think it removes the link from the menu with articles completely disabled. I think the same thing happens if you disable the dashboards page as well, there no need to start removing links from the nav menu - the menu links will get removed if you disable them both from being used

  • I can't seem to disable the dashboard from ACP -> Content -> Pages -> Dashboard in 3.0. It's grayed out and I can't select it.

    Like kbarg I want to not show the dashboard and have the forum

  • VoXX

    Easy peazy,

    Follow these steps.

    ACP ---> Content ---> Pages ---> Forum List, click to open it, once in there click "Make Landing Page"

    ACP ---> Content ---> Pages ---> Dashboard, click on disable

    NOW Remove it from the menu by going to:

    ACP ---> Content ---> Menus ---> Main Menu ----> CLICK ON MENU ITEMS ---> Click on Disable for Dashboard, and then Save Sorting

  • In order to disable the dashboard you need to first select a new landing page. Forums List is the forums home.

  • Thanks kbarg! That did it. Just updated one of my forums to v3.0 and I'm thumbing around a little finding things. lol

  • Not a problem. I am more familiar with the mechanics of the 3.0, 3.1, 5.2 family. I am not an expert when It comes to anything about it. But I asked enough questions lol that I can figure alot out.