Problem log-in to my site with safari

  • Hello ,

    we have a phpbb site

    and my site under woltlab ,

    I migrate all the phpbb site into woltlab , and the url of the new site is

    All the user can log-in except mac user under safari , under chrome any problem

    the log-in start , they see the waiting icon and nothing else

    i try with the iphone of my wife without any problem but i never use the iphone before on this url ... i think about a older cookies problem or something stored about the url , an idea ?

  • Thanks for providing me the credentials. As I can confirm, logging in from the main page doesn't work. When I click the login button, the browser hangs up. Further, there's something wrong with your JavaScript, but I cannot tell you why or if this is the cause of your problem.

    When I go to, the login works as intended.

  • Just a simple question... your site accepts english and french... as far as I can tell the JS errors are only reported in english.

    Does the login problem also only occure in english? Or does it also happen in french?

  • i have a problem because i have just a iphone for mac and on my iphone all is ok

    i have chrome, firefox under windows and all work , thus i can try anything

    the site is 100% french thus probably they use french , i keep english just to have the same for the help here :-)

  • the site is 100% french thus probably they use french , i keep english just to have the same for the help here :-)

    Well, you don't know this... your default setting seems to be english... because when I initially loaded your website english was active, not french... so you might want to try to login in french.

    P.S.: To show you your default settings just do the following:

    • request '' from your server you will get ... <html dir="ltr" lang="en"> ...
    • request '' (l=6 means you especially ask for french) from your server you will get ... <html dir="ltr" lang="fr"> ...

    ?l=6 is the same as selecting "french" from the pull down on the website. So if you not select french activly, english will be served.

    P.P.S.: Of course wether you select french or english most of the content texts will be in french. I suppose you have created most as monolingual content. But the default texts from language variables will respect the selected language.

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  • Well, there is no difference in the request handling. You only disabled the drop down for lanugage selection.

    Your site still runs english as default. So if my assumption is right... you changed nothing.

  • Barungar if your browser isn't set to French the system will automatically deliver the English version, if I remember correctly.

    Browser? Who uses a browser to analyse request handling?! ;)

    And yes it does... but if your Browser / Client isn't set to request "fr" als first choice WoltLab will deliver the standard language... which is english on his site. My suggestion was to change the standard language... which in effect he didn't do...

    See below? I explicitly requested the website to be deliverd in german (de), but it is delivered in english... which therefor seems to be the default language of his website.

    P.S.: And yes... I've tested the feature with a clean configured site running WSC. Which has german (de) as Standard and also offers english (en).

    Request: curl -s -H 'Accept-Language: de' -vv https://<Test-Domain>/ Answer: <html dir="ltr" lang="de">

    Request: curl -s -H 'Accept-Language: en' -vv https://<Test-Domain>/ Answer: <html dir="ltr" lang="en">

    Request: curl -s -H 'Accept-Language: fr' -vv https://<Test-Domain>/ Answer: <html dir="ltr" lang="de">

    Request: curl -s -H 'Accept-Language: it' -vv https://<Test-Domain>/ Answer: <html dir="ltr" lang="de">

    So, if you request a language available it will be deliverd, in any other case the defined standard lanuage of the system will be delivered.

  • i believe i have found the problem , i modify the url of the site and not the recaptcha , and since i modify that no error , i hope