Conversation System and User Groups

  • Good morning,

    we are facing an issue with the Conversation System plugin and the user group permissions.

    We are trying to set up a usergroup to not have access to the Conversation system.

    The user groups is set properly, but even with the propersetting they still have access to the Conversation System. (also the group Everyone is set properly)

    Is there something we are missing?
    Is there anyway to forbid a usergroup access to the Conversations system?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Well, you checked "your" group and the "everyone" group. But I assume the user is also in an other group. Check that group, too.

    Every "registered user" is at least member of two groups. Your group would be the third one. So, I didn't read in your posting, that you checked all groups.

  • So you are saying that to have them not able to receive messages, I have to forbid every normal user to receive messages?
    Which means it is not possible for me to revoke the permission only to one group but I need to revoke to all users to have one group not having it?

  • Well yes... an allow right always beats a disallow right. So you need to assure that all groups the user is member of don't have an allow.

    Basicly you need to remove the conversation rights from both groups everyone and users (i think that's the name of the second group). Now your goal is accomplished. To restore the state to be able to read/write conversations for other users... Create a new group "conversation" and add all users but those that shouldn't use conversations.