Unresolved threads and guests

  • I have 3 forums setup to use topics being marked as resolved, there is no posts on those 3 forums.

    If I log in and click unresolved threads as admin, it shows there are none (which is correct). But when I view the forum as a guest and click unresolved threads, it shows me 3 topics from the general discussion forum I have that doesn't even allow mark resolved threads on it. So should it not be showing none to guests as well?

  • Could be you messing up setting up the site, need to check out the setting of this one.

    Check that and report back your settings for there.

  • Yes, that setting is only ticked to be used on 3 Trading forums I have listed that have no topics posted on them.

    But guests (not members logged in) are being show every topic from two forums, when neither of the forums is setup to use Unresolved feature.

    Settings for both forums:

    RSS Feed Forum settings

  • This is a unwanted behavior I would think, something is in conflict or error bug somehow, either in the core or the host.