Add forum name in watched threads and recent activities list.

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 3.0

    I'd like to add the name of the forum into the dashboard recent activities and watched threads pages.

    I'm thinking that this can be done by appending some language entries.

    For example this one: contains this:

    Replied to the thread {if $thread->hasLabels()}{foreach from=$thread->getLabels() item=label}<span class="label badge{if $label->getClassNames()} {$label->getClassNames()}{/if}">{lang}{$label->label}{/lang}</span> {/foreach}{/if} <a href="{link application='wbb' controller='Thread' object=$thread}postID={@$post->postID}{/link}#post{@$post->postID}" class="wbbPostLink" data-post-id="{@$post->postID}">{$thread->topic}</a>.

    I'm guessing I could simply add "in forum" to the end, followed by a string of code getting the forum link?

    Or would I need to do a bit more than that?