Question about using Quote brackets in Articles that blocks the page from being loaded

  • I don't think this is an issue with WoltLab Core 3.1 and the CMS when adding articles from the backend. But I'll mention it and see what you think. I have just had a talk to NameCheap hosting (AGAIN) about things being blocked with pages not loading. I have noticed when I had the demo installed, if I try to add an Article from the admin backend and use quote marks wrapped around text like this: "some demo text"

    That it was causing the browser to show a spinning icon until the page times-out and the article does not get submitted. But if I remove the quote marks from the text, then the article gets submitted no problem. I have had this same issue with running phpBB when allowing guests to post replies on forum topics, if they quote a post or add quotation marks to text, it makes the page hang and time-out. But the odd thing is, it does not do it on my phpBB forum if you use quote marks as a member logged in.

    NameCheap say it's a problem with the software used, blah, blah, which I have told them "no way", as it is happening with two different forum products now, one of them being a paid one.

    But this "IS" happening if anyone here is hosted with NameCheap shared hosting and you try and use quote marks wrapped around text when adding articles. So it's something I think needs to be mentioned in the bug reports just to see what you think? I just find it really odd that quote marks can used in posts on my phpBB forum if you're logged in as a member, but not when you use them as a guest poster? And now seeing them blocked from being used with Core 3.1 from admin cp backend when adding articles and using quote marks wrapped around text.

  • That sounds really strange, have you tried a different browser and (if available) using a different device?

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • No, I have not tried any other browsers other than FireFox with WBB 3.1. Seeing as only me as admin could add articles, nobody else could add them.

    But it was also happening with quotes on the phpBB forum reported by other people when posting as a guest and using different devices and browsers (such as mobile devices and not a desktop computer like me). So I don't think this is an issue with WBB 3.1, more the host causing the problem.

    But it is odd because it makes no sense why when logged in as a member on my phpBB forum you can quote posts and use quote brackets no problem. But when doing it as a guest posting is hangs the page? I'm going to install the demo of 3.1 again on my other site using PHP 5.6 and not PHP 7.2 and just see if the same thing happens with articles on that lower PHP 5.6 version using quote brackets with articles text added

  • I have a demo board up and running and tested it again. Funny, adding quote brackets to text causes the browser loading icon to spin and spin all the time until the page eventually times-out. But when I went to the article section on front-end, the article had still been submitted live?

  • This is better to having a good host that knows what to do on running a server better you spend a extra money than throw away money on a garbage one.