Patch Day 2017-10-17

  • We have just released new versions of our products:

    • WoltLab Suite Blog 3.0.10
    • WoltLab Suite Calendar 3.0.10
    • WoltLab Suite Core 3.0.10
    • WoltLab Suite Filebase 3.0.10
    • WoltLab Suite Forum 5.0.10
    • WoltLab Suite Gallery 3.0.10

    Stability releases (also known as "minor releases") aim to solve existing problems in the current version. Like every stability release, they do not introduce new features; It is strongly recommended to apply these updates.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Updating an existing installation (recommended)

    Open your Administration Control Panel and navigate to Configuration > Packages > List Packages. Please click on the button Search for Updates located in the right corner above the package list.

    Updating an existing installation (alternative)

    Navigate to the Download list in our customer area, select the appropriate version and click the Download Update button. Open your Administration Control Panel and navigate to Configuration > Packages > List Packages. Click on the tab Upload package and select the previously downloaded files and upload them one by one, the order does not matter.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Only significant changes are included in the list below, minor fixes and typos are left out.

    WoltLab Suite Blog 3.0.10

    • Added missing indentation for categories listed in boxes.

    WoltLab Suite Calendar 3.0.10

    • The list of events by tag are now properly sorted by time.
    • Editing events could be terminated early.

    WoltLab Suite Filebase 3.0.10

    • Fixed the link to the user's files shown in the message credits.

    WoltLab Suite Gallery 3.0.10

    • Boxes that list users may now be sorted by the number of uploaded gallery images.
    • Minor style improvements, optimized the image grid on mobile devices.

    WoltLab Suite Forum 5.0.10

    • Improved support for Google AdSense.
    • Closing and opening a thread previously did not update all displayed notices and input states.

    WoltLab Suite Core: Importer 3.0.10

    • Burning Board 3.x

      • Attachments uploaded to calendar events were sometimes missing.
    • phpBB 3.x
      • Improved recognition of bbcodes.
    • MyBB 1.6.x
      • Broken user rank caused the import to fail.
      • The support for multiple attachment directories was missing.
    • XenForo 1.x
      • Significantly improved import speed of posts for large forums.

    WoltLab Suite Core: Moderated User Groups 3.0.10

    • Resolved a few issues related to notifications.
    • The member list page could sometimes be hidden.

    WoltLab Suite Core

    • Improved support for Google AdSense.
    • The search for purchased products from the WoltLab Plugin-Store incorrectly handled colliding package names.
    • WYSIWYG-Editor
      • Upgraded to Redactor II 2.11.
      • Inserting text with embedded links caused the following text to be wrapped into a link too.
      • Improved caret management.
      • Adjusted backspace/delete-key handling to better match the user intentions and expectations.
    • The useText attribute of bbcodes did not behave as expected.
    • Improved server-side HTML processing and cleanup.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • System

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