I think I've messed up!

  • Hi all,

    I've been trying to install the blog to our site this morning. I uploaded the 3 files needed to a newly created directory (blog) and ran the install process. After which, I find our site is not working at all. Its just a white page with numbers etc..

    Our site is here: http://www.aavapes.com

    I created a new database when installing the blog, so I've no idea how the rest of the site was affected.. Can someone please point me in the right direction?


  • You should just have installed it via Admin Control Panel. If an instance of the framework or the forum for example is already running, you can simply install new applications via ACP. Otherwise, you would run two separate instances. So the best you can do now is to restore all files and the database from the backup you made (you made one, didn't u?).

  • Arrrrh! I thought that!

    I did try to install it via the acp, but kept getting errors.

    No back up... Totally forgot to do one. Am I screwed?

  • I just don't understand, as I uploaded to a new folder and created a new database. The original database is still there and seems to be unaffected. Any advice on how to save some of the work that is done would be really appreciated.


  • As I don’t see any error message on your page would you be so glad to post one here so that we can investigate that?

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  • Hi

    Since I had no back up, I reinstalled the whole thing. Lucky I was able to use the old database, so I didn't really lose that much.

    I tried to take a screen shot. But it didn't save.