Migrating from WBB 3.1 and Russian localization

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to decide the best way of updating my website. I have a forum, which is 7 years old and is made on WBB 3.1.2. It's a big community with 5000 users. I wanted to give my community something fresh-looking and I wanted to add more features, like Marketplace, custom pages, Wiki-engine integration, mobile version support, and what's most important is a project database, since my forum is about game design. I wanted to create a multilingual community, where every user can create and manage his team and projects in the projects gallery. And I really wanted to work with something that isn't only locally supported, but rather a forum/cms engine that has a wide international community in terms of support and plugins. I remember how difficult it was to code for WBB 3.1 back in 2010 and how uneasy it was to find the required plugin or to do something unusual beyond of included features of forum software. The weak points of WBB was a lack of Russian language by default (I had to do translate the whole thing myself), small amount of plugins available (there was only 2 or 3 news plugins and 2 file base plugins available) and a small local community. As a result it was extremely hard to achieve the things that could be done in a few clicks on Joomla or Wordpress. I couldn't even create custom pages on the old version.

    But of course it would be much easier for me to upgrade old forum for a new version than to move to some other and entirely different platform. But I'm not sure if this (WBB) platform will be scalable in future and whether it will suit the fast-growing community of game developers.

    Advantages of upgrading to newest WBB:

    +ease of migration

    +similar forum software that is well-known to me and my community

    +obvious advantages of v5 against v3 - I really love what you've achieved over past few years

    +official filebase app (for a fee)

    +Built-in free Articles/news feature

    Disadvantages of upgrade:

    -Lack of Russian localization by default, didn't find any Russian localization on plugin-store

    -Small community, less plugins available as a result

    -Less possibilities comparing to CMSes like Wordpress and Joomla

    -Proprietary API and difficulty to code some custom features

    -No way to integrate with other CMS engines

    -High price comparing to free Wordpress/Joomla

    Am I right on these points?

    What can you suggest me to do in my case?

    Is there any possibility for official Russian localization?

    Is it worth of upgrading, or it's wiser to transfer the data to a new system that can grow bigger?

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Hello Alex626,

    If I understand you correctly, then you have already tried our CMS (WoltLab Suite Core). What exactly is not possible with our CMS, so you want to switch to WordPress / Joomla?

    Hi. Thanks for your reply!

    I would like to have something similar to YooTheme ZOO plugin to create custom catalogues and user entries based on customizable templates. And of course the Russian language support. No doubt, it's possible to translate it manually, but it would require an enormous amount of time for a single person. Do you have something similar to WordPress' community localization for every plugin? Also, is it possible to do a user integration between mediawiki engine and Woltlab CMS? How difficult is it to code custom plugins for this CMS?

    I don't know, maybe those things are already available in plugin-store, but I couldn't find the search bar there. Is it possible to search through the plugin store?

  • And of course the Russian language support.

    There was a complete russian translation for WoltLab Suite by http://burning-board.ru. Unfortunately the project seems to not exists anymore.

    Is it possible to search through the plugin store?

    You can find the search in all our products on the same place at the top right corner.

    I would like to have something similar to YooTheme ZOO plugin to create custom catalogues and user entries based on customizable templates.

    An all-in-one solution like YooTheme ZOO does not exist.

    Maybe these plugins are useful for you:

    EasyRating: https://www.cls-design.com/sho…hp/Product/69-EasyRating/

    EasySlider: https://www.cls-design.com/sho…hp/Product/22-Easyslider/

    EasyMedia: https://www.cls-design.com/sho…php/Product/66-EasyMedia/

  • Thanks for the plugins links!

    But the translation part is frustrating. If I make it, I would like to share it with all community. If I understood it right, this is the link to the current localization file:


    It's about 4200 lines. That's crazy :whistling: Maybe there's at least some computer-assisted translation tools recommended to use for WBB xml files? Which software is used in Woltlab office for that kind of tasks? Maybe it's simpler for the company to outsource this task to some translation service, and then include the results into official version?

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  • So the forum, filebase, blog, CMS, acp is too much together... Only a single CMS part is almost 30,000 words. Every single customer can't afford to translate the software entirely every time. You should think towards adding of more languages besides Deutsch and English: Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese and etc. This will gain you worldwide international market. Otherwise people will choose something like phpBB where there are dozens of languages already built-in.

    I have to think about it. I really like Woltlab software, but for these money I want something extensively localized.

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  • Is it possible to integrate with Wordpress? I require to use some apps that are only available as plugins for Wordpress. Joomla is suitable too. I need at least some basic integration like users registration/login. This will be really vital to the project. I want to connect my forum with a vendors marketplace.