More smilies?

  • Is there a plugin or a collection of smileys that match the style of the smileys that come with WSF 5?

  • dan1

    Changed the title of the thread from “More smileys?” to “More smilies?”.
  • The display size is 23 × 23 px but the real size is 46 × 46 px to have sharp smileys on mobile devices and some newer HiDPI devices, too. You need to keep this in mind.

    Thus it seems to me that the size you’ve downloaded is not high enough.

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  • Emojione has available 32 x 32, 64 x 64, and 128 x 128. I downloaded 32 and 64, and uploaded 32 and 64 (there are two upload options for each smilie). However WSF did not resize them, the forum is displaying in 32 x 32. What should I be doing?

  • i make that but not sure it is the best solution

    i use 64x64 emoji

    under photoshop , i resize to 46x46 for the smiley file hd , use the same name + @2x as woltlab standart

    and i resize to 23x23 for the smiley file