Error on board

  • Recently I updated my board and now Ive got this error

    Error Message:
    Unable to run 'de.yourecom.clan', 'clan\system\CLANCore' is missing or does not implement 'wcf\system\application\IApplication'.
    */lib/system/WCF.class.php (585)

    I had installed the application for groups recently but uninstalled it. For some reason it's showing this error even though I uninstalled that plugin. Any ideas how to fix it?

    It's strange because the board was working prior the the recent update. I don't know if it flushed cache or something.

  • According to the error message it isn't just looking for a plugin, but an app itself, related to some clan stuff. The update does not make any changes in that direction, but as a side-effect flushes the caches, so something that was broken before gets revealed.

    Have you uninstalled the clan-thing or did you moved it to a new directory / renamed it lately?

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Yeah I did uninstall it but I did it by the ACP.

    It appears that the process never actually completed (successfully).

    So first things first, make a full backup of your site, that is both the entire database and the entire installation. May take some time to have it all, but you'll regret now having a backup when something goes wrong. Trust me, being lazy at this point is either going to pay off, or backfire horribly.

    Now, once you have your backup, run the following SQL query via phpMyAdmin on your database:

    UPDATE wcf1_application SET isTainted = 1 WHERE packageID = (SELECT packageID FROM wcf1_package WHERE package = 'de.yourecom.clan')

    This will flag the faulty app as tainted, preventing it from being loaded.

    Next, clear the cache by removing the cache.*.php-files in the /cache/ directory.

    Last but not least, access your ACP by appending /acp/ to your forum URL and uninstall the package via the package manager.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Got it fixed. Thanks for all your help Alexander. My host does daily backups and I was able to rewind the database, clear the cache and it seems to be working again. In the future I'll make sure not to install plugins on my live board until I test them.