Possible to have Suite for a month?

  • Hi there, can I purchase WoltLab Suite Core+Forum+Gallery+Filebase+Calendar apps for a month only?

    I know there's a 14-day trial, but I want to have it on my own host to see everything.

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    Hello Saeed,

    if you just want to try out if it works smoothly on your host, feel free to download and install the Core itself: https://www.woltlab.com/woltlab-suite-download/. It is completely free and is the foundation of all our products, including but not limited to the forums, if it works well, then the other apps will do fine too.

    In case you want to try out the software to see if it got the features that you want and/or need, you can request yourself a free demo at https://www.woltlab.com/demo/. It runs for 14 days on one of our servers before it gets automatically removed.

  • Thanks Alexander Ebert , but I want to have for only one month to see all the files, database tables, etc.

    Possibly I'm going to create different plugins for all the apps (forum, gallery, filebase, etc). So I need the full files.

    If that's possible make my invoice to pay.

    Otherwise there's nothing to say more, so thread can be closed.

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    Hello Saeed,

    unfortunately, we do not offer time-limited licenses of any sort. If you're looking forward to test out the waters in terms of plugin development, you could just pick one of these apps and try out whatever you need to. Depending on what you're looking to accomplish, it might even be enough to just use the Core and see how far it gets you.