Member IPs

  • Sorry I couldn't help you however someone I trust will be able to.

    As for what you said: "But, when I go into the ACP>users it does not show the users IP."

    I cannot be absolutely certain but I believe when I had Woltlab 4.x.x it did show the IP Address of each USER in the ACP.

    I agree with you regarding your comment on having this information, i.e, the IP Address showing in the ACP>Users!

    And here is WHY:

    Just within the last week there was a NEW MEMBER registration to my Forum. It got logged into the system - meaning that

    I received notice that there was indeed a new registered member to my forum; the new member showed up in the "members" section;

    and in statistics it showed the "latest new member".

    HOWEVER, when I checked the email box which I have set up for receiving ALL registrations, there was a notice therein stating to the effect

    that the email used by this new member registering to my forum, was FALSE ("no such email address").

    I went into the ACP, Users area, and attempted to secure information that may help me determine who this nut case was ... but to no avail

    because this "new member" made NO posts - he only Registered as a member, nothing else.

    I had no alternative but to just DELETE his (?) account, and re-build the data in ACP >Maintenance section.

    THE POINT I AM TRYING TO MAKE HERE - (and I hope Woltlab Designers, et al, are reading this) -

    had there been an IP ADDRESS made available in the ACP >Users section when this nut case became a registered member,

    I could have - (elsewhere in the ACP) - Black-Listed the IP of that newly Registered Member.

    Hopefully in a new version of WSC there will be IP ADDRESS INFO in the ACP of ANYONE WHO REGISTERS as a forum member.


  • It didn't alone, you got this only using that linked plugin ;)

    So for now, the only way to have access to the IP ADDRESS of any individual who registers as a Member of my Forum

    would be to purchase the Plugin: Multihunter 3 by Marcel Beckers - am I correct?

    The other alternative would be if SoftCreatR comes up with a Plugin for the current version of WSC, correct?


  • So for now, the only way to have access to the IP ADDRESS of any individual who registers as a Member of my Forum

    would be the Plugin Multihunter 3, is that correct?

    And the other alternative Plugin would be if SoftCreatR comes up with a Plugin, correct?

    No not entirely correct.

    For the acp, yes you need either one of the plugin.

    In the frontend you can see them in the threads posts etc.

    In the DB you can see all

  • Yes, IF the person registering as a Member to my forum starts a Thread and/or makes a Post, then the IP Address is shown.

    But as I said previously here in this topic, the goof-ball who became a registered member of my forum did not make any posts -

    just registered and did nothing else.

    As for your comment: In the DB you can see all

    not everyone (myself included for sure) feels comfortable in accessing information in the DB.

    I get "nervous" when going into technical areas of which I have no or very little experience.

    So for now, the purchase of a Plugin (as mentioned previously) is perhaps a wise choice - and well worth the cost.

    However, it is my continued opinion that Woltlab Designers/Techs (in a new version of WSC sometime in

    the future) should include the IP ADDRESS in the USERS area of the ACP.


  • Have you made a new suggestion?

    Thanks for your reply!:)

    You are probably right - I should post a "suggestion" regarding this issue in the forum area that is available for making suggestions.

    I will do so shortly.

    But IF the comment made on this issue is true, e.g. that Woltlab decided NOT to include IP Address in the ACP / Users area because

    of something to do with the matter of "privacy" rules and regulations, then I might not get very far with my suggestion ...

    but I will try anyway.:P


  • Better try and maybe fail then not try in the first place .

    Myself Plug-in is on its way.

    Awesome! :) also All ip tool related to that? Cloudflare etc?

  • It needs to be a core feature though of the software out of the box.

    I am a Newbie Admin. Please be gentle, I don't understand technical things.
    (Please can we have a full manual for this software)