Editing templates?

  • Well I can paraphrase the first part for the devs.... You should never edit the templates, but instead make new pages and use CSS to accomplish your goals. (At least I think that is what I have read).

    What is it you wish to accomplish?

    In case you want to modify the theme:

    If you want to modify the colors or manually change the CSS settings you can do that by editing the style.

    If you go to customization -> styles -> select the style you want to modify, you should find the color palette and Advanced settings tabs handy.

    In the Color palette you can use the drop down menu on the right side to select what major wcf item you want to modify.

    Once selected you can edit the colors via the color picker. The A under the RGB is for the alpha, the lower the value the more transparent the color becomes.

    If you just wish to do some old fashion CSS work to customize the site beyond the limitations of the color palette then you can go to the advanced tab where you can add your own declarations. I recommend against messing with the Preset Declarations and sticking to Own. Own Declarations will over ride any of the preset ones.

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  • What I want is to either use custom templates, or edit the default templates in my style, NOT edit colors and stuff.

  • Ahh yes this I completely understand, most people do not want to get that far into it. So just as tunhj1 stated.

    you must Add Templates Groups first then you can kopi and edit:thumbup: