Has anyone integrated CometChat into 3.0 suite?

  • No, do you know what it's called? I'm interested in getting an integrated chat and I'm willing to pay for a good one.

    It is for free and no one has to pay for it :) maybe for branding free, but not sure if Tim Düsterhus even offers that :D

    And the Chat is quite gooder actually with all functions and fully integrated in the wcf, and so in WSC.

    He said last time he doesn't need much more time.

  • Quote

    He said last time he doesn't need much more time.

    Really? That would be great, i'm waiting for Tim's Chat since months already but the latest post on his website wasn't very promising in regards to the progress...

    Anyway, i'll have to wait for Tim's Chat

  • To answer your three points:

    1. With avchat you can have it on YOUR server or their server.

    If on your server, you need a Hosting Package that includes Red 5

    (I don't have the info in front of me as I type this, so hope I am correct with that name).

    2. Yes, Group Audio and Video; many options are available.

    3. Not sure about this; you would need to ask the technical team at avchat.

    Things I do know about avchat:

    I had their system on a website of mine (which I have since discontinued); functioned very well - no problems.

    The technical team always answered me within an appropriate time frame.

    The installation went smoothly; as did the Billing of the service I had selected.

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