I can't enable Redis Cache via ACP

  • I have installed Redis Server And Redis PHP 7.1 extension.

    Redis Server is running using default Config

    Server CLI is working fine and also PHP extension is ok.

    CLI and Server

    [root@xiaomi-miui bin]# redis-server
    [1304] 03 Apr 02:32:30 # Warning: no config file specified, using the default config. In order to specify a config file use 'redis-server /path/to/redis.conf'
    [1304] 03 Apr 02:32:30 # Opening port 6379: bind: Address already in use
    [root@xiaomi-miui bin]# redis-cli monitor
    1491180971.648140 "monitor"

    REDIS Server Config

    But When I am going to ACP=>General=>Cache I have only options for Filesystem and Memcached.

    I don't see any option for Redis caching.

    What is wrong ?

    Is this WBB Core support Redis ?



    Redis Support    enabled
    Redis Version    3.0.0
    Reflection    enabled
    Version    $Id: a06522d025b0af3e6ba10a0f6964086b7e6f5458 $
    Session Support    enabled
    Registered save handlers    files user redis rediscluster redis rediscluster
    Registered serializer handlers    php_serialize php php_binary


    Thanks in advance for your help...

  • The perfect will be a Plugin for Redis Cache ...

    Is impossible to Upgrade on Core 3 Right now.

    Is toooo expensive for me because I have to re-pay huge amount of plugins also.

    Not all the plugins I am running support Core 3 yet.

    I have huge traffic in my community and a good Cache (Redis) is needed.

  • I wouldn't mess with core files or make changes that way, but maybe request plugin for it, if it's possible. Also, you could maybe look through the plugin-store for those couple of cache plugins currently in there and contact those developers. Maybe one of them might be able to help you out quicker. Don't hurt to try.

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  • The problem is that I am Using Plesk PHP 7.1 and is not Support Memcached.

    I have to compile it in server and this will mess future Updates.

    Also Redis support PHP serialize more effective and Faster I believe..