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    WoltLab Suite 3.0

    I've upgraded my forum,

    I need to change the link in the Logo. I don't want the Logo to send people to the Dashboard, I want to link to a forum.

    How is this done?


  • you need to change the first page of your suite and thus the logo go to the first

    or change the template pageheaderlogo and put your url in <a=

  • How do I set the first page of the suite so that it lands on the forum I am using as my front page? I can't seem to get the Dashboard from being the landing page. I see that only some pages (the ones marked as text pages) have an option to set them as the front page.

  • Am I posting this question in the right forum?

    I've been trying every option from the ACP section and I;m getting frustrated. It seems like it should be a simple thing to do.

    All I want is for my landing page to be the main forum page.

  • The only pages that have a checkbox for landing page are Dashboard and any other that are set as text pages. If I make a new text page, there is no option for forum as land page. I don't want the forum list to be the landing page, just one specific forum. That's the way I had it set up before I upgraded last night and I've been trying for 12 hours to fix it.

    Right now my website has the "Forum" menu set to the correct landing page, which is this…hp?board/2-adventure-log/

    The only thing not working (I think) is that I cannot get the Header Logo to link to that page. There is no option that I see.

  • on a text page , you can see a box and inside the box it is possible to see a specific forum

    chose thread and select the forum

    and read my first post , you can change the template and put the url you want

  • on a text page , you can see a box and inside the box it is possible to see a specific forum

    chose thread and select the forum

    and read my first post , you can change the template and put the url you want

    Oh, I see what you mean in the template page now. I didn't understand before.

    However, I see no option in a text page for a box to a specific forum. This is all I have. Unless I'm missing or not seeing something?

    I really appreciate your help!

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    marcbelgique 's post should be the answer. The page that you should edit and choose as the landing page should be Forum List.

    I'm assuming that you try to click on the Forum page - this doesn't have an option to set as landing page. Forum List page has at the bottom of the General Information tab.

  • I need the link to go to my specific forum, not the forum list.

    I just edited the Logo URL but that doesn't fix the breadcrumb links.

  • you must create a box

    content -> box add box -> system box

    controler in the list choose threads

    select the forum , number of items , the sorting option

    in wich page the box is visible and who can see the box

    you have a page text with a system box to see a specific forum and this page can be landing page

  • I really, really appreciate you taking the time to explain this.!

    It does almost do what is needed. The only problem is that this page is still not the same as the actual forum page. it's missing thread select check boxes for instance.

    My problem would be 100% solved if I could somehow just make the actual forum the landing page. That's all I need.

    Here is the forum page. It's the main page of the forum. All of the things marked are missing when creating a box that simply has the forum threads from this forum.

    No pagination, not check boxes for threads, no display options box and no forum listed above (which is a hidden forum when not logged in)

  • Or maybe I only need to add a CSS class name to this box I made so that it will show like the forum? If so, I could use help with what class name to use.

  • it is not the same with the box and with the page

    the only solution to have exactly the same , i see , is create in menu a page with the forum you want

    for the logo , change the template

    ask Alexander Ebert to have this page the landing page , it is possible with a redirection (ht access) to assing www. to forum/ id of the forum but it is not a beautifull solution