How do I add Videos to my forum Side Bar?

  • what is the code of your video ?

    I try to add a box with youtube video and it is correct ... without any css change

    The Video I have uploaded to my Forum Side bar is:

    <iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Please, I would like to see a screen shot (of your Side Bar using this Video) when you upload this Video Code.

    When I entered the code as given to me by Andrea Berg it was in an email to me - not posted on this forum;

    I tried entering the code several times - there was absolutely no change!

    Since I made my last post here on this forum regarding this subject, I repeatedly made changes to the Video Code,

    e.g., the Width and Height dimensions of the Video Code.

    I finally came up with a combination of *Width and *Height dimensions which allowed for the Video to display properly

    on my Side Bar.

    *Please note that I make reference to the Video itself - not the Side Bar dimensions.

    I will attach a screen shot of this in a few minutes.

    Here are 3 Screen Shots. The 1st SS shows what the Side Bar and the Video Display looks like BEFORE the Video has Started.

    The 2nd SS shows the Video has begun to Play.

    The 3rd SS shows the Video in Stand-By mode (pause). In this SS, you can see the "square box" insert which can be clicked on

    to give a FULL SCREEN View of the playing Video.

    A Screen Shot of what the Video looks like in the Side Bar BEFORE I made changes to the Video dimensions is available in a

    previous post regarding this issue.


  • Hello marcbelgique,

    Thank you for the information!

    Just for me to be sure I understand you clearly, you said:

    "use this only on your text box , the video is adapted without iframe"

    By "text box", you are referring to the Contents Box in the ACP > Content > Boxes > Add Box, correct?

    To be precise - here is what I have established:

    In the ACP > Content > Boxes > Add Box > etc., etc.,

    I set up TWO Boxes:

    One I Labeled: 4T Forum Videos - herewith is a TEXT BOX TYPE wherein I typed in a "message" to my Members about

    Videos available on the Side Bar of the 4T Forum Dashboard.

    The second I Labeled: Music Videos - herewith is an HTML BOX TYPE wherein I typed in the "Video Code" (and in this

    particular instance it is the code for the Video titled The Other Side of the Valley).

    With the CODE you gave me above, I type in that Video Code in my HTML BOX (Music Videos) I established

    and NOT the code I am using currently, e.g., the iframe code which I retrieved from the Video on youtube.

    Am I correct?


  • yes i use a text box to put the code before

    the code before is the code you see in the adress bar when you look the video.

    thus use a text box for your message and for your video

    woltlab knows a lot of provider of media , but not with the iframe , look in acp bbcode media and the structure to put the link

    in forum , i don't use the iframe code to put a video too because the size is absolute with the iframe and for small screen (like smartphone) it is a problem with resize.

    i use only the iframe code in forum for small vignette (width<560px) because users don't like to have a scroll bar

  • Thank you for taking the time to give me this information!

    I will try the procedure and code you mentioned (Post #24) - and I will respond later as to how it all went for me.

    Regarding what you said about the bbcode media: I looked at that area/page of the bbcode media (see the screen shot with this Post).

    IF I were to type in info in those two boxes, what exactly should be typed in there? Do I need to? Or can I just leave this "as is"?


  • you can see what woltab accept for video media and how it hopes receive the code.

    nothing to change

    Thanks for above reply.

    Have not yet tried Video Code you provided for Videos on Side Bar.

    Do you know where I can change the AVATAR Settings?

    It is currently set at 128 px by 128 px - (minimum Avatar px required for uploading an Avatar to Member's profile)

    I want to change this minimum to: 100 px by 100 px.


  • I tried entering the "Code" you gave me - did NOT work for me. All that showed in the Side Bar Box was the code itself, not the video.

    So either I am putting the code you gave me into the wrong Box (or into an incorrectly labeled box - i.e., text, html, etc.), or the forum

    software system you are using is a different system from what I am using.

    So I went back to what I discovered works for me:

    Changing the iframe code of the Video dimensions (width and height). A tedious procedure, but it works - (at least it worked

    for the Video I presently have uploaded to the Side Bar).

    To be quite blunt about it - I really and truly miss having the "old CSS system", e.g., the CSS Code Editing which was available

    in Woltlab 4.x.x ! And NOT just for changing the Video Side Bar Size. I miss the system for other things as well: like changing

    Font Color in "Categories" and "Forums" - and some other things as well.

    I am wondering ...  is there ANYONE OUT THERE in Woltlab Forum land - who can make me an APP OR Plugin-In

    which will give me back the "old CSS Code system"???

    If it is possible to design such an App or Plug-In, I am willing to pay 100 USD for it!


    P.S. Thanks for your help and assistance marcbelgique - it was appreciated.