Notification of New Forum Users Requesting Registration

  • I am confused why I am not getting notifications of new members who are applying to be part of my forum. When I log on as a user, I would expect to see notifications of new member applications since I am an administrator, but I don't see those new users unless I log in to the administration panel. Unless something is wrong with the forum I don't ordinarily log into the admin panel, so I am missing getting the latest registration applications.

    Is there a way to set my username to receive these notifications so I don't have to log into the admin panel to see them?


  • Yes there is an option to receive email as as an administrator.

    For that to work you need to set up your administrator email address first.

    Then you would need to go to configuration, and select registration. There you can set how the users are being activated. By your hand, with their email address etc. And then there is a checkbox to receive emails for each registration.

    Do you receive any notifications?

    It could also be the case that there is no activity on your forum, and those notifications will only be sent if someone is browsing your website.

  • Thank you Throwholics; I should have been more precise. Yes I do receive EMAIL notifications in my email program, but I was expected to see a notification in my Forum notifier list (top right of the forum) just like notifications for new responses to my threads, etc.

    Is that possible? When I log in and check my messages and forum posts, I was expecting also to see in the same place notice of new member applications. That is what I meant.

    Thanks again!

  • Can I update this request by asking the same question again as of November of 2018? I never figured out a way to get notifications of new users the way I would like. When I log in I get a general notification that new users have been received, but it gives me no detailed information as to how many, when, or who they are. I would really expect it to tell me WHO the new users are, and give me a link to their profile, or at least a list of user names, so I can find and greet them.

    Is there any way to get that function via plugin?

  • I think I have that plugin already, and I have set it to send me a message when a new user arrives. But I don't just want to know that "a new user" has signed up, I want to know the NAMES of the new users in that same notification so I can find them without going hunting. I see how to attach a message to the bot, but not how to include in the message the NAME of the new user. Is that part possible?


  • Of course. Just click on the question mark next to the selected bot action. There you'll find a lot of placeholders for your message.

    If you need more support for the Community Bot, please use my support forum.

    Gruß, Udo