Create a box with simple plugin

  • Hello,

    i would like to add a custom box when i install a simple plugin.

    I could do it via an sql file, but what do you think about that ?

    Is it the right way to do that, or is there any other solution to do it simply ?

    Thanks ! :)

  • Actually you don't even need the box pip and in my opinion its better to not use it.

    Its enough to just deliver a BoxController and add a corresponding optionType for com.woltlab.wcf.boxController so that its known by the system.

    After that everyone can just make its own box by selection your system controller.

    Using the box API requires also the called steps and adds a systembox which can't be deleted to the system...

  • No, if you use the pip the user must delete the plugin to delete the box.

    Its a bit frustrating if you add copys of a box with different settings and if you want to clean up you cant delete the first one, only the copys^^

  • By the way, if you want a simple example you can take a look to this one:

    WSF 5 Portal

    Its a minimalistic box which adds the boardstructure in a box to have a quick navigation^^